Arab Businessman Bought a $8 Million Gold-Plated Rolls Royce


Driving a Rolls Royce Phantom is powerful presence; imagine driving a Gold plated Rolls Royce Phantom.
An anonymous buyer from the Middle East has just purchased the gold plated, fully armored Rolls Royce Phantom EWB. Only two cars have been so far created with a shocking cost of $8.1 million a piece.
The designer of this extraordinary luxury vehicle Stuart Hughes and Eurocash AG of Switzerland known for their astonishing and creative work were surely glad to have it sold to an Arab fellow.



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  1. Akhtar Chowdry on

    I believe no one is more stupid than this man. He is just show-offing for money and this is a mockery on poverty especially being Muslim. As a Muslim he should know about people who are hungry and needy in his neighborhood. This man has proven a sign of great pride and boastfulness.

  2. Such guys should be ashamed of calling themselves Muslims and followers of Muhammad S.A.W, he lead by example that he could have opted for the riches of the world and anything he wanted but he gave up everything for Allah and lived on a straight path, after him Khulfa lead by leaving many examples for us and here we are taking pride in 8.1MM$ car, where as many oppressed Muslims are dying of hunger and doesn’t even have clean drinking water. there are many other thing that these stupid rich brats are taking pride in such as giving daughter a gold commode as a gift, what a shame they are bringing to Muslims.

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