How Artificial intelligence will change Haj & Umrah experience [Video]


A new experience for all the pilgrimages coming from all over the world to one center of Islam, the most holy place on this planet earth, Saudi Arabia. The Saudi vision 2030 which is a plan to diversify economic, health, education, infrastructure, tourism and public sectors in Kingdom of Saudia Arabia is now planing to use the new technology trends such as Artificial Intelligence for every process in the Kingdom.  This new ambitious direction by the government of Saudia Arabia will definitely make the full experience so secure and comfortable.

This short video on YouTube was published by the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah.
The video shows that Hajj and Umrah would have to be applied through a mobile application, once you get the confirmation within a few days, you will receive a box that contains an electronic card, a bracelet, and an earphone. These devices will help you guide through out your Pilgrimage experience.


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